The30th of September, 2018, will be the next 5th Sunday of the month. That means the Knights of Columbus do the Rosary prior to 10:00am Mass. As always we will be getting help from Rose Mary Hunter who as everyone knows is a member of the Columbiettes. Thank you so much Rose Mary! Rosary wiill begin at 9:30am



PLEASE HELP US SHARE THIS SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE BISHOP ✝️ 📢 The Bishop says Catholics are not obligated to attend Mass this weekend.

“I have granted a dispensation from the weekend Mass obligation to all Catholics in the Diocese of Raleigh, so that they may fully observe warnings and evacuation orders, as mandated by emergency management officials.” +Luis Rafael, Bishop of Raleigh

AYÚDENOS A FAVOR COMPARTIR ESTE MENSAJE ESPECIAL DEL OBISPO✝️ 📢 El Obispo dice que los católicos no están obligados a asistir a misa este fin de semana

"He otorgado una dispensa de la obligación de la misa del fin de semana a todos los católicos en la Diócesis de Raleigh, para que puedan observar las advertencias y las órdenes de evacuación por completo, según lo dispuesto por los funcionarios de gestión de emergencias".
+Luis Rafael, el Obispo de Raleigh


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Weekday Mass Schedule

Monday 8:00 AM

Tuesday No Mass

Wednesday 12:00PM (Noon during Lent)
Wednesday Español Mí­sa 7:00 PM

Thursday 8:00 AM

Friday 8:00 AM

Saturday Español Mí­sa 6:00 PM

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4 RSunday October 7th at 2:30PM at Our Lady of Gaudalupe Church in the Knights room
at St. Marks Hall at 211 Irwin Dr. Newton Grove, NC 28366

KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS Meeting Council 11848

3rddegree 90The next monthly Meeting will be Tuesday October 9th at 7:00 PM in the Knights Room at Church. Park on Office side of Church and use entrance to Church by the Office.

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